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Debt & Equity Finance

We continue to establish a combination of listed and unlisted asset-backed bonds in Luxembourg and Guernsey,
and in conjunction with our seasoned relationships with non-conventional equity capital providers we are often able to provide more consistent and reliable finance due to a longer term partnership approach. The operating owners recognise the power of having a finance partner who understands the business plan and is not prone to changes in outlook based on extrinsic fundamentals and pressures. We also contribute to the available capital pools for long-term transactions through our pension investment schemes to recognise both yield and long-term capital appreciation whilst the property markets stabilise and
begin their journey to normalised market conditions.

Stretch-Senior Finance

We typically raise up to 75% of the debt required for a particular transaction either by partnering our short-term bridging or mezzanine fund with senior debt lenders, or by way of a syndicated multi-tiered capital stack co-ordinating and leveraging several lenders. We in certain circumstances may able to offer equity finance up to 80% of a particular transaction by partnering development and operating owners with institutional, high-net-worth or equity capital partners. Our investment team continues to originate long-term capital structures to participate in the senior portions of the capital stack and add to the available capital pools.